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Katsucon 2018

Cosplay Photography

What is Katsucon?

Katsucon is an annual 3-day fan convention held in the D.C. metro area for multicultural enthusiasts and entertainment dedicated to bringing information about Japanese animation, society, and traditional and popular culture to fans everywhere.

Event Status

As of this moment, we have not determined if we will be attending Katsucon this year.

Booking for Katsucon 2018

Want your own private shoot next year with high quality professional images?

Book a shoot with us. You get a dedicated photographer to shoot the locations and poses you want, retouching of the best of the lot, and digital copies with reproduction rights.

Are there other ways to get my cosplay photographed?

Cosplayers, we occasionally attend special events of the Cosplay DC MeetUps.

We are also available for both studio and on-location shoots all throughout the year.

Viewing the Photos

Cosplayers, Costumes, and Convention Attendees

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If you are one of the people we photograph, check out our page on Facebook:

We start streaming photos the day of the convention and continue days beyond that into the curation and editing cycle.

Looking for your 2018 photos

If you've booked with us, or the photographer handed you a card, then your photo's priority floats to the top of processing list for retouching and publication.

Spontaneous walk-ups appear on the Facebook feed, while bookings are either emailed to you or put up on a special section of the site for downloading.


Dedicated photography time for about the cost of lunch out

Private Photo Shoots


Your cosplay.

Your way.


Our on-site photo shoots are tailored to provide quality photography at a rate that's so affordable you won't even wince.

To keep things simple, we offer two packages.

One is aimed to capture the moment and get you back to Katsucon activities.

The other gets you a large block of undivided attention and professional direction to show off your cosplay in a variety of settings and poses.


You may have noticed.

We're not clock watchers, and we may even provide you with bonus content.


$25.   +$5 each person extra.

A minimum of 10 minutes.

At least 2 retouched portraits.

Great for a quick set, allowing you to quickly return to the convention.

Center Stage

$120.   +$10 for each beyond 3

A minimum of 60 minutes.

At least 10 retouched portraits.

Complete creative package. Multiple poses, locations, and people.



Write us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

We'd be happy to discuss any interesting projects or concepts you may have.



See more!

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Convention Locations

Katsucon photos will be taken on and around the convention premises, adhering to convention and hotel policies.

Most of the time we will be on the gazebo level, with tours down to the lower levels with the fountains and plants.

Weather permitting, outside photography is also possible.

Post-Convention Photo Shoots

Convention over? Want to really capture your cosplay?

Ask about our studio and location shoots.